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CALM - Creative Accelerated Learning Methods

At Last - Learn how Easy it is to get
the KEY to living an Amazing life!!

The Key to Happiness

In the CALM life skills seminar you learn powerful, effective tools and techniques
to overcome challenges in many areas of your life.

The key components you will learn:

  • Achieve your goals faster to enhance life skills (for example, releasing weight, quit smoking, increase confidence, boost sales, improve motivation, handle change and achieve sporting ambitions).
  • Accelerate academic learning by increasing memory, improving recall and focused concentration to easily expand the use of your mind.
  • Access a meditative state to direct and focus the power of the subconscious mind.
  • Gain an intellectual understanding of brain wave states.
  • Learn "Peaceful Place Meditation". Practised daily, this will change your life forever.
  • Relax and release stress in less than 30 seconds, alleviating insomnia, tension, arguments, anxiety, exhaustion and more.

After spending 2 days with Joanne your life will never be the same again. You will undergo positive, life changing transformations that impact the very core of  WHO YOU ARE!!

"Joanne - You are truly inspirational!
You are a wealth of knowledge - the total package. You have a strong presence and it is a pleasure and honour to hear a woman speak with such strength, courage, passion and volition. Good luck on your journey of teaching."

Peter - Brisbane QLD

In a supportive environment - come learn, grow and have FUN!

Call Joanne Hennessy today on - 0402 992 100.

You are given tools and techniques that have been scientifically proven, that when used will change your life forever.

Imagine if you could create an incredible life filled with financial wealth... deep and passionate love... vibrant health and lasting happiness.

  • Have you ever thought about achieving every goal you've ever set in your life - doing it quicker, better, faster and loving the process?
  • Would you finally like to meet your soul mate... living a life and enjoying a deep and more satisfying relationship? Igniting that passion with your partner or spouse?

What exactly do you want? How will you know when you have achieved your goal?

What resources will you need to achieve that goal?

  •    Do you want to create an amazing fulfilling life of love, joy, peace and harmony?
  •    Do you want to find your purpose and deepen your passion in your life?
  •    Do you want to understand how you can manifest easily and effortlessly?
  •    Do you want to know how to heal your mind and body?
  •    Do you want to increase your financial freedom?
  •    Do you want to create a loving, passionate relationship with everlasting happiness?
  •    Do you want a happy, healthy, fit, vibrant physical body?
  •    Do you want to learn how to release stress and relax in 30 seconds?

"Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out if they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you."

- William James

YOU can have the support and motivation you need to accomplish these goals.
All you have to do is take action and call my office now.

What you can achieve
Learn to relax in less than 30 seconds ... 'Get the key'.

Enjoy Life - Live Longer - Naturally

CALM is about helping you to cope with life and its sometimes extraordinary ups and downs. We show you how to develop the practical life skills that make your everyday life enjoyable and good. These skills are then in place when you really need them in a crisis.

You develop the strength that is within, so that  you will cope with "any situation".

We offer tips that will help change your life forever. NO pills, NO drugs, NO bad side effects, NO trials of will-power, No mumbo jumbo, just down to earth every day ways. These changes will last.

"Joanne, you really do have a gift! As you move forward know that you do make a difference in people's lives."
Jenny - Business Owner - Pelican Waters QLD

Thought-provoking illustrations of some science of the mind

  1. We talk to ourselves 50,000 times a day - a proven scientific fact. Is this useful? Let's ask Professor Roger Sperry who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1981 for dividing the left and right brain. Prior to winning the Nobel Prize he proved that negative thoughts attract negative thoughts, which leads to negative action and in turn negative reaction. So let's ask ourselves the question ... is positive self talk to our benefit?
  2. Have you ever wondered why we can remember good events or bad events with perfect clarity? Rapport, in 1972, proved that emotion is not only involved with memory, it is the very basis upon which memory takes place. Memory takes place in the subconscious mind and we can utilise this fact to help us enormously.
  3. Our language has 4 times as many negative words as positive. So what's a negative word? What are you actually doing in your mind when you say to yourself "I have just forgotten my pen"? The answer is that you are reinforcing the negative ... "forget". In reality you have just remembered and "remember" is a much more positively reinforcing word.
  4. The job of the subconscious mind is to keep you where you are now - in other words, firmly planted in your Comfort Zone. It can be a challenge to expand your comfort zone when you have that negative self talk, called "sabotage", continually preventing you from achieving what you want. "I'm not good enough" or "I don't deserve it" ... How can you change this? It's easy.
  5. Ever been stressed in an exam? We've all experienced that "tip of the tongue" feeling - you know that you know the answer but it just doesn't come back at the crucial moment. When does it come back? Walking out of the exam! In the Seminar you learn to relax really quickly in the exam with confidence that you will recall the answer when required.

"Whether you think you can
or whether you think you can't,
you're right."

- Henry Ford

The Facts ...   Learn the secrets of . . .

Motivation + Innovation = Results

In the Calm Life Skills Seminar you learn tools and techniques that have been scientifically proven - get the key! You will be joining tens of thousands of other people who have effectively applied the techniques to improving their lives.

Here's just a sample of what you'll gain from this fast paced, hands on experiential training and development program.

Day 1

  • Improved Learning: Basic Mind Charting
  • Building a "Peaceful Place"
  • The Roles of our Different Brain Wave States
  • The Laws of Goal Setting
  • The Function of the Left and Right Brain
  • Emotion and Memory
  • Scientific concepts about How the Brain Works
  • How to Self Motivate
  • The Use of the Reticular Activating System
  • How to Empower Yourself
  • 8 Steps for faster achievement of Goals
  • Useful "Anchors"
  • Practising Conscious Relaxation within 30 Seconds
  • Visualisation Explained and Practised
  • The Role of Emotion within the Limbic System
  • Guided Imagery
  • The Use of Music and Pictures to Improve Learning
  • How you can Expand your Comfort Zone without Stress

Day 2

  • The Importance of Visualisation in Healing
  • Practising Creativity Meditations
  • Challenging your own Thoughts and Examining Forgiveness
  • Becoming Aware of all types of Negativity, including Fears
  • Practice in Relieving Physical Pain
  • Understanding that Meditation and Healing are the same state
  • Examining our Limiting Beliefs and how they influence us
  • How to Develop your own Meditations
  • Understanding the Concept of the Light
  • Understanding the 3 Selves Concept

"If you want to be successful, it's just this simple:
Know what you're doing. Love what you're doing.
And  believe in what you're doing."

- Will Rogers

What if this was possible?

Imagine how your life would be transformed and what it would mean.

Being true to yourself and what you really want in life.

You Are Your Most Important Asset! You Are Worth Investing In!

CALM - Life Skills Seminar

This seminar teaches powerful methods and the skills to face challenges in many areas of your life - all you need is the key!

Learn to overcome your challenge - anger, anxiety, improving confidence, relaxation, enhancing creativity, improving motivation, overcoming fear and improving relationships.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality.

"Joanne, thank you for lifting and inspiring us all to live authentic lives. Through meditation, communication and laughter you have helped us heal, love, forgive and expand. For me, it was like being seated at the round table of wisdom.
I know that all your future students will be equally inspired."
Caroline - Actor-Producer - Brisbane QLD

This CALM Life Skills Seminar will give you the tools that will benefit you in coping with the following:-

Overcoming anger
Overcoming cancer
Improving confidence
Overcoming depression
Overcoming grief and loss
Overcoming insomnia
Enhancing meditation
Improving motivation
Overcoming procrastination
Improving memory
Improving sales performance
Enhancing spirituality
Managing stress
Overcoming anxiety
Improving concentration
Enhancing creativity
Overcoming fear
Improved health
Improved ability to learn
Controlling migraines
Overcoming physical pain
Improving relationships
Improving prosperity
Stop smoking
Improving sporting ability
Releasing weight loss

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
The secret of getting started is breaking your complex
overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks,
and then starting on the first one."

- Mark Twain

Will Attending This Life Skills Course "Fix My Problems"?

First, what are problems? Aren't "problems" really challenges which require you to learn, understand and apply something new? Hasn't every problem you've encountered given you both new skills and valuable experience so that you can deal with future "problems" more effectively and efficiently? Therefore we only find problems difficult because we feel frustration in wanting to accomplish something and not knowing how. Yet in many cases we need to come to this position because it is in this moment we both ask for help and become open to learning a new approach.

In fact, we all need to continually learn HOW we can take more responsibility in facing life's challenges - going through them and not avoiding them. This seminar will teach you a method and the skills to face challenges in many areas of your life. The application of the techniques is up to you, though after the seminar we offer this:

By completing the seminar you will have a way forward; one which works. You will have learnt an approach to successfully manage your "problem", your challenge . and you will begin to look forward to the lessons you will gain from going through challenges in the future.

What Is It Worth To You To Accomplish Your Goal?

What if you were to live you life as you desire it!

"Finally, YOU can have the support and motivation you need
to accomplish any goals - take action and call the office now!"

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"If you are planning for a year, sow rice;
if you are planning for a decade, plant trees;
if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."

- Chinese Proverb

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to have more meaning in their life, live with greater passion, discover their true purpose, or even gain an intellectual understanding of how the conscious and the sub-conscious mind works.

What Is It Worth To Accomplish Your Goal?

What value do you place on your ability to be happy, self confident and accomplished in both your professional and personal life?

What value do you place on your success?

Many people don't spend time or money on learning more effective Life Skills - how to deliberately use the 'operating system' of their mind - because they don't realise the powerful benefits. They'll spend time and money on fixing the car engine, taking the kids to ballet lessons, painting the house - but when it comes to themselves . that's another matter. What they fail to realise is "who is it who earns the money to fix the car, to pay for the lessons, to paint the house ?" You know the answer. You!

What would happen if you neglected to have your car serviced regularly? Quite possibly it would break down - it definitely wouldn't perform to its best ability! Unfortunately this is what we tend to do with ourselves.

To invest in yourself is often the biggest challenge! Essentially, it is to value yourself, which is why successful people often spend time and 10% of their income on learning effective and powerful life skills - they know that the knowledge they gain will enhance their professional and personal lives, leading to enriched relationships, financial success, and a deeper enjoyment of all the areas of their lives.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say,
and what you do, are in harmony."

- Mahatma Gandhi

You Are Your Most Important Asset!

You Are Worth Investing In!

"Faith is taking the first step, even when
you don't see the whole staircase."

- Martin Luther King Jr

What Is My Next Step?

  •   Decide on what you would like to accomplish - think about what part of your life you would like to
      change if you could wake up tomorrow and it was done.

  •   Commit to yourself to accomplish the goal you have. Ask yourself how much of a priority is it in
      your life?

  •   Take Action. Give our office a call and speak to either a seminar coordinator or course facilitator,
      and find out more about how that change has been or can be accomplished through the
      application of my techniques.

Don't wait any longer. Connect with your goals.
Learn how to live the life you've always wanted.

This is a powerful and inspiring 2-day event, not to be missed!

"Joanne has been both my shining light and my pillar of strength. Her positive practical outlook paired with her compassion and wisdom has helped me immeasurably. I feel blessed to have her in my life."
Madonna - Accountant - Brisbane QLD

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! If at the end of Day 2 of the Seminar you are not completely satisfied,
you are invited to ask for a full refund.

About Joanne Hennessy - I am passionate about the power of the mind and I like to help people unleash their true potential so they can experience their own essence of self. This powerful and inspiring 2-day event is not to be missed. I promise I will be with you ... coaching you... guiding you... supporting you to get the results you want, and we have lots of fun! (You can find more information about me here.)

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