Joanne Hennessy practises Hypnotherapy in North Brisbane
My commitment is to help you unleash your true potential so that you can experience your own essence of self
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Testimonials for Joanne Hennessy

"To my dearest Jo,
You brought me to life. I was almost dead - the death of my Dad, death of my marriage, to near death with breast cancer - all too much. You showed me the light - through your wisdom, dedication and your gentle healing touch.

You saved my life through your CD's, love and genuine gift of being. You are who you are and that is magnificence!
You have helped more than you'll ever know - love ya!"

Rosie Bozzi - Photographer - Brisbane QLD

"The first thing you notice about Joanne is her intensity of spirit. When she opens the door, it's like stepping into a world of truths. When she's channelling, the strength and compassion she shows are just as vital as her insights into places and people that no longer serve your divine purpose.

Her words and descriptions make you feel alive, and so loved. It's with regret and immeasurable release that you find yourself back in your body, with new purpose and determination. That's the power of Joanne's work; that is her gift. It's one well worth experiencing.""

Leanne - Journalist - Brisbane QLD

My little 10 year old friend -

"Lovie is caring
Lovie is open minded
Lovie can be trusted
Lovie is loving
Lovie is compassionate
I think and believe that because it is true and if you meet Lovie you will say these words to."

Sophie (10 yrs)


"Before coming for my hypnotherapy session I felt anxious and frightened, but with your loving and understanding manner you helped me to feel safe and secure - thank you."

Jackie (Patient)


Level 4 Melanoma survivor (aged 45 years) -

"Joanne has been my source of refuge and strength through a very difficult time.  I was diagnosed with a level 4 melanoma over 2 years ago now.

I consider Joanne to be a part of my survival plan and one of the reasons why I have had no reoccurrence of this disease to date.  Joanne continues to be a source of strength for me as I continue to enjoy her unique form of therapy.

I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne to my friends, family and acquaintances who have also found themselves in a situation that I believe Joanne may be of assistance."

Herman Herlaar - (46 yrs) Director Select Support


"WOW! after one session with Joanne I feel enlightened."

Graham (Builder)



"Joanne is selfless and passionate about helping people.  She is driven by a thirst for knowledge in her field and strives for perfection in all that she does.

Her outgoing personality and capacity for warmth and spontaneity are endearing qualities.

Joanne displays a very high level of integrity and honesty.  It is not uncommon for her to 'go the extra mile' without expecting recompense."

BA, Dip T, Grad Dip Sports Science


Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer patient (aged 25yrs) -

"I am currently using the hypnotherapy in conjunction with chemotherapy, a healthy diet and regular exercise in an endeavour to regain my health.  To date I have received some positive preliminary medical results and view all of the above techniques as a very important part of my holistic approach to the problem.

In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Joanne Hennessy to anybody considering using hypnotherapy and would be more than happy to speak on her behalf."

Kind Regards,
Brent (25 yrs) B.bus Chom


"Joanne Hennessy-------compassionate, committed, caring, capable, and what's more she's clever.  I have known her for some time now and she impresses me with her passionate belief in her ability which is not misplaced.  To meet Joanne is to meet someone very special."

Daphne (75 yrs) B.Sc (Psych)

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